Ontario Security Guard Training

The Smith Investigation Agency is proud to offer the 40-hour required security guard training course in Ontario. We have recently teamed up with one of the best companies in Toronto to give our students the training they deserve. Our training platform will give you one of the most informative and thrilling courses on the market. We believe in exceeding a customer’s expectations, and that includes our security training.

What is the pass rate for our security guard training?

We are thrilled to say our students have a 99% success rate on the security exam. Our students have given us great feedback on how they were equipped with our course to assist them in passing the exam. We update our course monthly to ensure we have the most relevant and necessary information at our students’ disposal.

Do you hire students upon completion of security courses?

We are a private investigative agency and not a security firm in Toronto, so we do not offer jobs for students who obtain their security guard licence. However, we have a large base of companies in the industry who know they can call whenever they need security guards in Toronto, Ottawa, Barrie, Sudbury, and throughout Ontario.

How do I become a licensed security guard in Ontario?

The Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services licenses both private investigators and security guards in Ontario. Once you sign up for our course and complete the required training, we will issue you a certificate of completion. With that, you will contact SERCO to write your exam, and once you pass the exam, you can apply for your licence with the Ministry. The only requirements by the Ministry to becoming a security guard in Ontario is to be at least 18 years of age and have a clean criminal record.

What is the expected salary after I receive my security guard certificate?

As we do not offer security services directly, we called some of the largest companies in Toronto and Ontario, and they informed us that their security officials were making a minimum of $14.00 per hour and some were upwards of $20.00 per hour.

The Smith Investigation Agency’s Ontario Security Training syllabus is based on the required MCSCS guidelines as outlined below:

1. Basic Security Procedures
2. Report Writing
3. Health and Safety
4. Emergency Response Preparation
5. Canadian Legal System
6. Legal Authorities
7. Effective Communications
8. Sensitivity Training
9. Use of Force Theory
10. Emergency Level First Aid Certification

Is the security guard training course in-class or online?

Our security guard training course is completely online and is accessible to the student 24/7, which allows you to complete the online security training at your own pace. The security licence training is in audio and video format to suit any learning style.

Is there a First Aid training requirement?

With the Ministry requirements for First Aid training in Ontario, you must already have a valid First Aid certificate to bypass the first aid training requirements. If you do not have a valid First Aid Certificate, you will be required to attend our training facility in Scarborough, or in other cities in Ontario to complete the First Aid training. Once you complete the security guard training, we will schedule you for your First Aid if you need it.

Do we offer Use of Force, Handcuffing, and Baton training?

Yes, we offer the necessary training to our students as well as batons, handcuffs, and other security-related items. Please call for information on our next Use of Force training course in Toronto, Ottawa, or throughout Ontario.

Why complete your security school with us?

That’s a great question; we are known and recognized as the largest provider of private investigator training in Ontario, and we are working hard to ensure we become the top provider in security courses as well.

We are an award-winning facility that holds the Consumers Choice Award for Business Excellence within our company and our services. We are also rated #1 for training in Toronto by several independent review boards. We maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and are the only Investigative or Security company in Ontario to offer 25 AIR MILES® Reward Miles for completing your security guard training with us and we’re featured on the official list of Private Security and Investigative Services training providers.

Security Guard Training Course (online course only – no First Aid)


Security Guard Training Course (Online course with First Aid)

Course Cost: $190.99

Security Guard Training & Private Investigator Training COMBO (includes First Aid)

Course Cost: $350.99

Security Guard Training Course Ontario from Whitney Joy Smith on Vimeo.

Use of Force – Tactical Handcuffing & Baton

Did you know the majority of security companies require their security guards to have continued training beyond what the Ministry requires? Most companies require you to have a Use of Force training, which includes defensive baton and handcuffing procedures. Our Use of Force class in Toronto will give you the skills you need to be effective and safe in your security job. Our instructors have had decades of experience in the security industry. Upon completion of your Use of Force training, we will issue you a certificate.

What is our Use Of Force Training outline?

1. Use of Force Legalities
2. Passive Handcuffing
3. Active Handcuffing
4. Non-compliant Cuffing
5. Take-down Techniques
6. Grounding Techniques
7. Suspect Control Techniques
8. Knife Defense
9. Blocking Techniques
10. Defensive Tactics
11. Proper use of Baton
12. Ground Defense Tactics
13. Positional Asphyxia

In all of our training, we give you the tools to succeed. If you need any tactical gear, we do have that available upon request.

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