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Ontario Private Investigator Training and Security Guard Training

Welcome to Training Centre Canada., the pinnacle of excellence in Canada’s private investigative and security industry training. With a remarkable legacy spanning numerous years, we stand as the foremost authority in this field. As the Private Investigative and Security Industry continues to expand, the demand for qualified and licensed professionals is on the rise. Recognizing this need, Training Centre Canada has emerged as the leading provider of online training for aspiring private investigators and security guards, shaping them into exceptional individuals ready to conquer the industry.

Our unparalleled training program encompasses all the skills and knowledge required to execute duties with the utmost competence and professionalism. We firmly believe that success stems from proper guidance and support, which is precisely why we are committed to offering continuous assistance to our students throughout their careers. Our Online Private Investigator Training and Security Guard Training courses equip our students with the indispensable expertise and capabilities that pave the way for unrivalled professional achievements. These courses are available nationwide and custom-tailored to address the specific requirements of each and every student.

Our renowned Private Investigator School and Security Guard Training Course have garnered acclaim for their award-winning curriculum and boast an extraordinary 5-star guard course rating, solidifying their position as the most sought-after training program in the private investigations industry. Countless students have benefitted from the comprehensive training delivered by our experienced instructors, who leave no stone unturned in imparting knowledge on all facets of private investigations and security guard duties. Their expertise has proven instrumental in propelling students toward their professional aspirations.

Embark on your journey to success with our exceptional private investigator courses, available in Toronto and across Canada. At Private Investigator Training, we prioritize your convenience without compromising on quality. Our comprehensive courses can be accessed from the comfort of your home or office, eliminating any barriers to your learning. Designed to empower you with the essential knowledge and skills, our curriculum ensures you excel in the dynamic field of private investigation. With an impressive track record of achievement, our high success rate stands as a testament to the efficacy of our course materials and training methods.

Expanding our reach beyond Toronto, we extend our courses to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), encompassing cities like Mississauga, Brampton, Hamilton, Scarborough, and Oshawa. In Eastern Ontario, you can find our courses in Ottawa and Kingston, while in Northern Ontario, we serve Barrie, Orillia, Sudbury, North Bay, and Sault Ste. Marie. Western Ontario benefits from our presence in Kitchener, London, and Windsor. We also extend our expertise to Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Nova Scotia, ensuring that our exceptional private investigator and security guard courses are accessible to individuals nationwide.

Embracing the digital age, our Private Investigator course and Security Guard courses are available online 24/7. Our esteemed certification as trainers with the Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services assures you of the highest standard of training. We have meticulously crafted our security training and investigative courses to prepare students for unparalleled success. Upon acquiring the requisite knowledge and skills, students receive a completion number and undergo the ministry test, transforming them into licensed Ontario Private Investigators or Security Guards. With these prestigious licenses in hand, you can work with any agency in Ontario, opening doors to a world of possibilities.

Join us at Training Centre Canada, which is owned by The Smith Investigation Agency Inc. & Smith Security Inc., where excellence is nurtured, dreams are realized, and the best become even better.

Why Complete Your Training With Us?

Embarking on our Professional Investigator (PI) and Security Guard (SG) courses signals the commencement of your exciting journey into the world of security and investigation. Our pioneering spirit has been the driving force behind the high calibre of investigators and security professionals we have moulded throughout Canada. Right from the beginning, we have been focused on one goal: to sculpt highly skilled and proficient professionals ready to make their mark in the industry.

Paving the way in the Canadian security industry, we have consistently produced exceptional investigators and security personnel year after year. Our courses, designed with a comprehensive understanding of the latest security technology and industry standards, are not just a learning platform. They’re a launchpad to the pool of successful professionals who are spearheading the industry across Canada.

In our pursuit of excellence, we continuously refine and enhance our course materials, ensuring they are not only user-friendly but also in sync with the latest industry advancements. We are dedicated to stimulating our students’ intellectual curiosity while equipping them with the knowledge and tools they need to excel in the Ministry of Ontario exam. We aren’t satisfied until our students pass the exam with exceptional scores – our commitment lies in your success.

Standing tall as an award-winning entity, we’ve been honoured with numerous prestigious industry awards, testifying to the quality of our training. We’ve attained the pinnacle of success as a training provider in Canada and relentlessly strive to uphold this standard of excellence. Our training for Investigators and Security Guards is not just matchless; it’s a class apart.

We assure you choosing our courses means embarking on a learning journey that will offer you unrivalled education and practical experience. It’s not just about providing training – it’s about transforming you into an authority in your chosen field. Train with us, and you will emerge not just as a professional but as an industry expert.