The Growing Demand For Security Guards in Ontario!

  CAREER CHOICES: WHERE TO BEGIN In this day and age, with the internet providing us with almost too much information (and instantly), decision-making is becoming increasingly difficult for some.  While having that level of knowledge at your fingertips is somewhat of a blessing, some people find it to also be a hindrance. As someone […]

Toronto Security Guard Courses & What They Can Offer You!

WHY BECOME A SECURITY GUARD? As with any career, it is important to pay attention to your likes and dislikes in order to pursue a career path that suits you best.  For many, an Ontario security licence is often overlooked (maybe the movie ‘mall cop’ had a strong role in the semi-demise!).  That said, we […]


WHAT IT MEANS TO TAKE A CHANCE As a student, pursuing a career can be scary.  Whether it is a new career or a career change, any sort of change brings us out of our comfort zones, which is just not, well, comfortable.  Between the cost of pursuing a dream, the time one needs to […]


PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR VS SECURITY GUARD When doing a google search for “how to become a private investigator”, you will definitely stumble upon bounds of both useful and useless information. (Such is life when using google!) When scouring through, you will take notice that there are courses offered by universities, community colleges, and private career colleges […]

Private Investigator Training – What You Should Know

Do you want to be a private investigator? You’re in luck! In Ontario, It’s possible to become a private investigator by taking a private investigation course and passing a private investigator exam. Before you dive right into the industry however, there are a few things you should know. Private investigation takes hard work and dedication. […]

How Taking Security Guard Training Opens Up Other Doors in Life

The term ‘security guard’ can sometimes be associated with a negative reputation. But such opinions don’t accurately exhibit what this career is really all about.  Security personnel play an important role for many different businesses and are thoroughly trained to deter risks and crime. With the wide range of knowledge and skills that are acquired […]

Kickstart Your Career with PI Training

Are you tired of just working a regular job and want to start an exciting career? I am sure you hear of “exciting career” jobs all the time, however, being a private investigator is an exciting career choice. As a private investigator myself, I actually love the private investigative industry and wanted to see more […]

Should You Train with a PI Agency or a Security Company?

Have you always wanted to become a private investigator? Maybe it’s something you just started thinking about, and you’re excited to be a part of. You wonder “how to become a private investigator?” or “how to become a licensed private investigator?” Look no further: we are here to guide you to making the right choice. […]

Best of 2016: Private Investigator Training Courses

Every year our company sees continued growth or at least hopes to see continued growth. We are more than happy with our success in 2016 with the amount of growth and further experience we gained. We have worked very hard to ensure our Private Investigator Training Course which is an online investigative course is the […]