How Taking Security Guard Training Opens Up Other Doors in Life

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The term ‘security guard’ can sometimes be associated with a negative reputation. But such opinions don’t accurately exhibit what this career is really all about.  Security personnel play an important role for many different businesses and are thoroughly trained to deter risks and crime. With the wide range of knowledge and skills that are acquired as a guard, security guard training can also open up many other doors in life. Here are just a few examples of the different types of opportunities that are available to you with this type of training.

Private Security

In many cities and towns across Canada, budgets for police departments are decreasing. Yet, the need for responders is on the rise. That opens up many opportunities for security guards to take on private patrol jobs. When government institutions do not have the adequate resources to provide protection, private security guards can step in to fill those gaps.

Security Management

With a security guard license, a few years of experience and some additional management training, you could land a management job at a security company. These jobs often pay well and come with great benefits and competitive packages. So you could be developing the security services and training the security team for a high performing organization in the near future.

Armed Guards

Companies that transport money and prison inmates need well-trained and reliable security guards. These jobs come with very decent pay and provide flexibility as you are often on the road and not just in one location all day long.

Guarding VIPs

Executives, celebrities, and politicians often need security guards to ensure their safety. Finding a job in this field is not always easy, but with the right training, you could find yourself living in a celebrity’s mansion protecting them around the clock.  Depending on your skill set, you will need experience in surveillance, hand-to-hand combat, along with negotiation and risk assessment. The primary responsibilities would include patrolling and securing areas, planning safe routes to move them in and out of places discretely, and handling the media.

Private Investigation

The exciting world of private investigation can also fall within reach after taking security guard training. Similar to security guards, private investigators must also have the ability to handle conflict and protect themselves if needed. At The Smith Investigation Agency, we provide courses for both so that you can gain all the skills you need to become a fully trained and successful PI.

If you’re ready to take the most comprehensive and detailed 40-hour security guard training course in Ontario, check us out online. At Smith Investigation Agency, we update our course monthly to ensure it has all the relevant information needed to pass. With a 99% success rate, our students can testify that our course is the best on the market.

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