Not only did I join the industry ten years ago but I got pretty good at it, unlike cooking. So I wanted to share my experience and share how a good Private Investigator works while enjoying what they do but obtaining the best evidence possible and always following PIPEDA & the Evidence Act.

So becoming a Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services Accredited Training Facility was an additional step to my company. The Smith Investigation Agency not only offers High-Quality Investigative Services but we have a training facility unmatched by anyone in the industry.

Our Online Private Investigator Training Course has been rated #1 Two Years in a Row and our students have always finished our course thanking us for such an excellent course just like these testimonials below:

“I took their Private Investigator Course, and would highly recommend” K. H. –Investigative student

“I would definitely recommend this course if you wish to become licensed as a private investigator” C. H.- Investigative Student

“Thank you for having such a great course online and for the air miles” D. A. –Investigative Student

Why The Smith Investigation Agency’s Private Investigator Training Course?

Not only is our course FANTASTIC we reward our clients. When you complete our Private Investigator Training Course, we issue you 25 AIR MILES® Reward Miles. We enjoy giving back to our customers who choose our services.

Our Training Syllabus for Private Investigators and Private Investigative Students not only have an opportunity to take a Great Online course but can take a Customized hands-on training once they are licensed in the province of Ontario.

Do you want to make $50,000 a year to start with no degrees or pre-requisites? Just complete our 50 Hour Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services Approved course and once you’re licensed you can work with any company in Ontario and travel all of the province and Canada, as well as abroad. Making Great money and meeting new people along the way.

Visit our website today to purchase the course and once we receive payment, we will setup your login information right away, and you can begin your course within moments and work at your pace from Home, Tim Horton’s‘s or Starbuck’s, whatever works for you.

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Online Private Investigator Training Course

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