Private Investigator Training – What You Should Know

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Private Investigator Training – What You Should Know

Do you want to be a private investigator? You’re in luck! In Ontario, It’s possible to become a private investigator by taking a private investigation course and passing a private investigator exam. Before you dive right into the industry, however, there are a few things you should know.

Private investigation takes hard work and dedication. There is rarely a case that doesn’t require a private investigator to hit the pavement and dig really deep to find all possible clues. After all, a good private investigator knows that the information they find could be used in court to help their client win an important case.

The private investigation also differs from police work because it is a private investigator’s sole job to present the facts—and only the facts. They are paid to focus on your case, whereas a police officer has many cases to look into and might just not have the resources or time.

An Example of Great Private Investigator Work

Most Toronto residents will remember a local investigation regarding the deaths of two prominent members of the community. Barry and Honey Sherman were found dead in their home. The police conducted their investigation and initial reports that the couple committed suicide.

Family and relatives were adamant that this was not the case. They turned the investigation over to local private investigators that determined that the couple had, in fact, been murdered. This investigation is still ongoing, but thanks to some great investigative work from the team of private investigators, the case is now progressing in the right direction.

When a Private Investigator is Needed

Recently, the Toronto Star published an article. This article outlined the three murders of three family members over the course of several years. Due to several critical mistakes made by the investigation team, the first death was determined to be of natural causes. The second death was declared suspicious, but still, the team did not do their due diligence in interviewing the suspects.

It wasn’t until the third and final murder that the police became suspicious of the victim’s ex-wife and new husband. For the family involved, they truly feel like the system failed them all.

While we don’t want to say that a private investigator would have absolutely caught the guilty party, it is sometimes in your best interest to cover all your bases. If you suspect that there’s a missing piece of the puzzle, hiring a private investigator or private investigation company is the right idea. By putting a fresh set of eyes on the situation, you can either confirm or reject what the police tell you.

Getting your Private Investigator License

It’s true that working on a case like the ones mentioned above doesn’t happen all the time. What it does highlight, however, is the fact that private investigators can often help to solve an “unsolvable” case. It is important to recognize that the majority of private investigative work requires patience and persistence. A private investigation is about digging up the facts and being an impartial party during an investigation.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, or feel that you have a talent for, then becoming a private investigator is absolutely the right move for you.

The Private Investigator Course

Many different companies offer private investigator courses in Ontario. Before you hand over your money to the first-course instructor you find, make sure you do a bit of research. Research is a skill that every private investigator must learn to do well.

You might as well start by applying what you already know to find the right private investigator training course!

The Private Investigator Exam

After you complete the private investigation course, the instructor will send you off to take the private investigator exam. You must pass the private investigator exam in order to receive your private investigator license. It is illegal in Ontario to operate as a private investigator without a private investigator license.

Worried about passing the test? Don’t be. A good private investigator course instructor will make sure that you have all the knowledge you need to succeed. They will give you tips and provide study guides to make sure you are well-prepared.

Finding the Right Job

Once you pass the private investigator exam, you will receive your private investigation license. This is very important as your private investigation license allows you to work within the field alongside other private investigators.

When it comes to private investigation training, many private investigator companies offer courses to help individuals get their licenses. This can be incredibly beneficial, as those who successfully complete the training program may find themselves with a job offer upon receiving their license. This can provide a great opportunity to get started in the field and can ultimately lead to a successful career as a private investigator.

Additionally, the experience gained by taking courses through a private investigation company can provide valuable insight into the industry and can help to ensure that you have the necessary skills to succeed. Companies like The Smith Investigation Agency love to hire their students to give them some hands-on experience in the field.

Striking Out on Your Own

You’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of private investigators that start their own private investigation firm. Many of these private investigators simply like to work on their own—similar to comic book hero Jessica Jones.

While private investigators like to have a set of reliable private investigators to work with during a big investigation. Sometimes the caseload can also become too much for a single private investigator to work with. Starting a private investigation company can help a lot of clients instead of only a few.

Starting your own private investigation company might take some time. Many clients want to know that they’re working with an experienced private investigator. This is why many private investigators start off by working for a company.

He or she can develop their skills and gain valuable experience. It’s also a great opportunity to meet others in the field and learn a think or two from the very best.

Think it Through

It’s important to understand if becoming a private investigator is the right career path for you. Before you sign up for any courses, you need to (at the very minimum) have an interest in the field. If you have a low attention span, and hate paperwork or talking to people, chances are this career isn’t the right one for you.

If you love helping people and solving problems, well you’re in luck! Private investigation is a great use of those skills. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and get started on achieving your dreams.

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