Security Guard Training — Earning Your License is only Half the Challenge

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Security guards often get a bad reputation. Most people think security guards are lazy, or that it’s just something that most people do while they’re trying to get into the police force. The truth is the majority of security guards take their job very seriously. They complete the security guard training course and earn their license because they truly want to help people and make a difference.

This is why taking the security guard training course is so important. You need to know what you can and cannot do as a security guard. You must treat people with respect and also find the right suspect. You also need to know when to use force and when to call for backup. All of these elements together make for a great security guard, something you need to demonstrate even after you pass the security guard exam.

Security Guard Training: Trouble in Alberta

A recent article in the Edmonton Journal revealed trouble in Alberta’s private security guard industry. Reports have suggested a surge in reports of racial profiling, use of excessive force and unreasonably detaining people.

Complaints have stemmed from a 79-year-old gentleman visiting from Mississauga who was physically lifted out of Edmonton’s largest shopping center. According to the gentleman, they had misidentified him as a shoplifter. When he told the security guards that he had not entered the store they identified, they removed him from the premises. Hurt by the way he was treated; the man cut his vacation short. To top things off, the elderly gentleman knew he had been treated unfairly because he had worked as a security guard himself.

In another situation, a 22-year-old male attempted to meet up with his brother at the mall’s waterpark. A security guard stopped him without explanation between the change rooms and the swimming area. When he attempted to move around the security guard, two other guards took him down. The man was left with bruises on his legs and feet, and a contusion over one eye. The security guards then left him in a cell for approximately two hours in nothing but his swimming trunks.

Why is this Happening?

So, what’s going on? The province of Alberta has stricter regulations regarding security guards compared to the rest of Canada. Why the sudden surge in complaints and poor behavior?

Many believe it has a little something do to with the rise in security guard jobs within the province. For example:

  • From 1991 to 2001, the number of individuals working in security services/investigation rose a whopping 69%.
  • In 2017 alone, 4,505 people in the province of Alberta received their security guard license.
  • It is estimated that Alberta now has approximately 24,100 active and working security guards. The province only has 7,482 police officers.

With so many security guards on the force, it becomes difficult to truly pinpoint the nature of the problem. One thing however is clear. The province needs to take a good look at their processes and training to ensure that the security guards that earn their license obey the regulations and rules of the trade.

Security Guard Training – The Right Way

In Ontario, it a security guard must earn a license before a company will hire him or her. Many different companies offer security guard training. The Smith Investigation Agency is one of them.

If you suspect that the security guard training course you’ve signed up for isn’t following government regulations and guidelines, speak up. Chances are the program won’t get you far enough to pass your security guard exam. The money you spend on furthering your career will have gone to waste.

So, how do you sign up for a security guard training course that provides you with proper training and a valid license?

Check out the company’s reviews online . . .

A lot of companies that offer the security guard training course will post past student’s reviews online. Most will at least offer their students the option to provide a public rating. This is an important element to your search for the right security guard training course. Taking a look at the company’s reviews will immediately give you a lot of information—both positive and negative.

If the company does not have any reviews listed on their website, check out the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This site recognizes trustworthy businesses. You might discover that the company doesn’t exist on the BBB website. You might also learn that the company has a bad BBB rating. Both of these examples point to reasons why you will want to find a different company to earn your security guard license.  

Ask questions about the security guard training course . . .

Any company worth giving your money to will have at least, an outline that identifies what the course covers. That outline should at the very least resemble the course material you can find online. Ask about the instructor, what kind of time you will need to dedicate to the course, how many students graduate every year, how many students go on to get a good job, and so on.

Asking questions is a great way to discover whether or not the company’s security guard training course is right for you. If you don’t like the answers, or just don’t jive with the instructor, you can always go somewhere else—before you spend your money.

Don’t sign up for the first course you come across . . .

Make sure you do your due diligence and look at a couple of options. By looking at a few different choices, you can see what each program offers and choose the course that best suits your needs. For example, you might want to change your career, but you have to work through the day to make sure you can make ends meet. If that’s the case, you want to find a security guard training program that runs online, or even at night. If the only program you find is offered in class starting at 9:00 AM, this clearly isn’t the right option for you.

Earn Your Employment

In general, once you have your security guard license, you will likely find a good job. The market demand is at an all time high. However, if you don’t take the job seriously, people will complain and you could find yourself in a lot of trouble.

It is so important to put the skills you’ve learned to good use. If you’ve gone through the security guard training and you’ve earned your license you’re already half way there!  

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