Security Training: Top 10 Personality Traits for a Successful Security Guard Career

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Considering a career as a security guard? That’s wonderful news! We know plenty of people just like you, who are excited to get their security guard license through our training courses!

But wait . . . Before you dive in, there’s an important step you need to take.

Conducting an evaluation of your personality traits and how they fit within the world of “security” will help you to figure out whether or not the training course is right for you. After all, you’re going to spend a lot of hours working towards becoming a security guard. You want to make sure that it’s time well spent.

Since we have years of experience working with students, we know what types of personalities and personality traits it takes to get through the security guard training course. To help you determine whether or not you’re a good fit, we’ve put together a list of the top ten personality traits that make for great security guards.


Do you like to be on time for everything? Does it drive you crazy when your friends are late?

If you answered yes to both of these questions, chances are you would make a good security guard. Why? Well, security guards need to be punctual so that they can either relieve the security guard currently working, or because there’s property and other types of things that need someone’s attention during very specific times.

Punctuality in a security guard helps to put the client’s mind at ease because if you can show up on time, for every shift, it also means that you are reliable. The client will believe that you can truly protect their property and other important assets.


This personality trait is an important one. When you agree to guard a client’s property, you might find yourself completely alone for your entire shift. Your client needs to know that they can trust you to do your job. So, if you have trouble staying focused for hours at a time, or are more of a morning person but work only night shifts, chances are the security guard life isn’t for you.

Your client also wants to know that if something does happen like, a break-in, fire, or any other type of incident, that you will tell them the truth about what happened. If you have difficulty remembering important details, chances are, you would be better suited to a different career.

Quick on Your Feet

Similar to a car accident, when something happens, you have to react quickly to make sure that the incident doesn’t escalate or become even worse for the individuals involved. Even though you have to react quickly, you also need to make sure that the decisions you make are the right ones. Otherwise, the situation could also escalate and get out of control.

If you are quick on your feet, or can problem solve efficiently, the security guard training course will help you to develop this characteristic even further. Doing so will absolutely help you to get your security guard license, as well as make you a highly skilled security guard.

Natural Leader

Part of being able to make decisions quickly means that you also know how to take a leadership role when required.

Leadership skills are very important to a security guard because if there is a tough situation or incident, you might have to direct the other security guards you work with and provide them with clear instructions. The ability to step up and take the lead when required is certainly a great characteristic to have as a security guard. It’s something that many clients expect to see in the security guards that work for them.

Willing to Follow

At the same time, as a licensed security guard, taking charge all the time isn’t realistic. It doesn’t matter if you are the person in charge, or the most senior person in the room. You will experience situations where you will need to listen to your fellow security guards and/or client for your instructions. Even if you associate yourself as more of a leader, you might still have to work as a security guard for someone else for a year or so before you can start your own company.

The truth is, many (if not all) career paths require you to work with others and follow instructions. It’s a great characteristic to have regardless of whether or not you’re considering taking the security guard training course.


Many security guard positions require you to work at odd hours, with long shifts without anyone to keep you company. This can make it difficult to stay focused, however, it is a very important part of the job.

If you don’t pay attention, something bad could happen. You could let the wrong person into a building; miss someone stealing property, or worse. Therefore, if you know that you get distracted very easily, or need to sleep during regular hours, you will likely need to think twice before perusing a career as a security guard.


Communication is a huge part of having a successful career as a security guard. There are different types of communication including:

  • Written
  • Verbal

Mastering both will serve you well as a security guard because you will need to write reports as well as verbally communicate to your colleagues, clients and others. They will all need to know, for example, what happened during a specific incident. Communicating the situation clearly and effectively will help to decrease any confusion.

Clear communication will also come in handy when you need to give directions or order to your colleagues. If you are vague in your instructions, they might do the wrong thing, like check in on an area of the building that was already checked by someone else.

Fortunately, this is a skill that you can develop over time. Taking the security guard training, in this case, would actually be very beneficial to you (if this is something you know you need to work on).

Calm Under Pressure

Are you a calm person? Does it take a lot to rattle your nerves? If so, taking the security guard training course might be a great option for you!

There’s a lot that can happen during a security guard shift. Whether the incident is big or small, you must remain calm and handle the situation with care. If you can train yourself to remain calm, you can also make better decisions in terms of what to do to resolve the problem.

Overall, you as the security guard are someone to turn to when there’s trouble. The moment you start to panic, the situation will spiral out of control—something you must absolutely prevent!

Obey the Rules

Security guards must know the rules, especially in regards to what they can and cannot do within their role. Part of this is learned during the security guard training course, however, if you do not like to follow rules, then you might want to re-think your decision.

If you do not follow, understand, or know the laws associated with being a security guard you could get yourself into a lot of trouble. You could even get your license revoked, and that would be a black mark on your record.

It’s important to remember that this list is not complete. There are plenty of other personality traits that will help you to be a great security guard as well as pass the security guard exam.

It’s also important to remember that if you feel that you don’t have some of the traits mentioned in our list, that you could always develop them over time! If your dream is to become a security guard because you just love the type of work it offers, there’s nothing that should stop you from achieving that goal.

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