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As with any career, it is important to pay attention to your likes and dislikes in order to pursue a career path that suits you best.  For many, an Ontario security licence is often overlooked (maybe the movie ‘mall cop’ had a strong role in the semi-demise!).  That said, we can’t forget that there are many security jobs in Toronto and they range from airport security guards (being on the giving end of those awkward checks sometimes seems appealing!), crowd control security guards (for special events- ahem *concerts*), and even as a bodyguard (to protect a specific person or group of people- and suddenly Kevin Costner’s role in The Bodyguard doesn’t seem so far-fetched, does it?!). A career in the security industry often has many available full and part time jobs in Toronto. In short, the security industry can be very exciting and quite lucrative!


In order to provide security services, one must obtain a security licence. In Ontario, security training consists of a 40-hour course that is regulated by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services (MCSCS), which can be delivered as a classroom-based course, or as an online security guard course.  This 40-hour course also includes certification in Emergency First Aid and CPR, as required by the MCSCS.


Once you’ve decided to take the leap and become a part of protecting society, the first thing you need to do is purchase the security licence course, which generally costs about $100 (keep in mind that all providers charge a different amount, and at their discretion!). Security courses teach about the Private Security and Investigative Services Act (PSISA), basic security features, emergency response preparation, the Canadian legal system and more. Once you complete the security training, you will be given a training completion number.  This number is used to register for the provincial test.


Once you’ve successfully completed the course, and have received your training completion number, you’re ready to book your provincial exam at select DriveTest centres throughout Ontario. Keep in mind that there is also a fee to write this exam (as of this date, it is $75.15). With regards to the exam, it is a 60-question test in the multiple-choice format, and the results are usually available within 2 days of writing the exam. You then apply to the government of Ontario for your official Ontario Security Guard Licence. Once you receive your licence by mail, you are ready to start applying to firms offering security guard jobs.


While we don’t offer cybersecurity courses or information security training at The Smith Investigation Agency, it would definitely offer you a competitive edge (should this be a route you choose to take).  On the other hand, we do offer Use of Force Training (Tactical Handcuffing and Baton) in order to be effective and to stay safe, and also to provide that needed competitive edge! This course is available at our Toronto location. Another available option through our private investigation firm is to work towards a dual licence (online security guard training and Ontario private investigator training).  Whether you’re seeking a fresh start, or a refresher in order to obtain your Ontario security guard licence renewal, we’re here to help!


At The Smith Investigation Agency, we offer a course to obtain your Ontario Private Investigator licence or the Ontario Security Guard Licence (or both!).  We offer 25 AirMiles reward miles for each course purchased, and we can offer assistance at any stage, given we have offices in Toronto, Barrie, Ottawa, Mississauga, Kingston, Sudbury, Brampton and beyond! We have won several awards, and our reviews definitely speak for themselves. We are truly a full-service Private Investigator (and Security Guard training!) firm.  Also, while we don’t employ security guards, we do have strong relationships with local security guard companies and would love to help get your career on the way!


Article written by: Kala Bishop is a licenced Private Investigator from British Columbia. Colleagues, friends and family call her Kala. While driving on kids field trips, she is referred to as Ms. Bishop. Her favourite though is Mom, and she is a happy blend of all. She is an intern PI, and she puts a witty spin on The Smith Investigation Agency blog.

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