The Growing Demand For Security Guards in Ontario!

  CAREER CHOICES: WHERE TO BEGIN In this day and age, with the internet providing us with almost too much information (and instantly), decision-making is becoming increasingly difficult for some.  While having that level of knowledge at your fingertips is somewhat of a blessing, some people find it to also be a hindrance. As someone […]

Toronto Security Guard Courses & What They Can Offer You!

WHY BECOME A SECURITY GUARD? As with any career, it is important to pay attention to your likes and dislikes in order to pursue a career path that suits you best.  For many, an Ontario security licence is often overlooked (maybe the movie ‘mall cop’ had a strong role in the semi-demise!).  That said, we […]

How Taking Security Guard Training Opens Up Other Doors in Life

The term ‘security guard’ can sometimes be associated with a negative reputation. But such opinions don’t accurately exhibit what this career is really all about.  Security personnel play an important role for many different businesses and are thoroughly trained to deter risks and crime. With the wide range of knowledge and skills that are acquired […]

Security and Private Investigator Training

Did you know that security and private investigator training often go hand in hand? It’s true! While there are differences between the two professions, there are also many similarities as well as opportunities to receive training in both fields. For example, In Ontario, Canada, the Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services is the governing […]

The Growing Need for Security Guards

Earlier this month, a security guard in Stockholm drove his van into a truck after he suspected the other driver intended to ram it into the city’s parliament building. His quick thinking caused the truck to crash into a department store instead, effectively ending the frightening rampage. Back in January, a man entered a Bank […]

5 Tips to Reduce Security Guard Exam Stress

Here at the Smith Investigation Agency, we have years of experience training people who want to earn their security guard license. If there’s one thing we’ve learned in that time, it’s that stress can make or break a student’s ability to pass their final exam. We’ve seen plenty of talented students, who ace their in-class […]

5 Signs You’ll Make a Great Security Guard Trainer

Being a good leader requires a few set skills that can help guide and motivate others to perform at their best. That includes security guard trainers. A great security guard trainer must know how to achieve certain goals and encourage others to follow suit by leading by example. If you’re wondering how you will fare […]