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Our Private Investigator courses have been consistently rated #1 for years. What makes our course stand out amongst the rest? Our easy-to-use curriculum, our online platform, and our up-to-date guidelines and laws taught by industry professionals. Our course also offers the most value in the industry. You’ll get real-life examples and expert insight to help you excel in the field, all included in the price.

We are an award-winning, full-service private investigative firm offering the top-rated Private Investigator training course in Canada. Our company is also one of the first in Canada to offer training, which has helped our course become the best in the industry today.

We are more than just a training facility. The Smith Investigation Agency is also a leading investigative firm with numerous offices located across Canada. We offer investigative services for individuals, private, legal and corporate industries in the areas of fraud, cyber research, infidelity, adultery, risk management, insurance, and a variety of other investigative services.

You must complete a provincially approved course to work as a Private Investigator in Manitoba. There are numerous agencies that offer approved courses, but few have the reputation and results that we have.

To work as a Private Investigator in Manitoba you must hold a license. To obtain your license, you must complete a course approved by the Manitoba Justice and then pass the requisite exam. Our course is provincially approved and will provide you with the rigorous training you need to pass the exam.

Our Private Investigation training is offered online in Manitoba.

The industry is growing and at a fast rate. There are many jobs available in Manitoba for new Private Investigators in both the public and corporate industries. Our company hires many of the students who complete our course. However, when our firm is fully staffed, we also help our students find adequate placement at other agencies.

What we offer:

  • Approved Curriculum
  • 24/7 online course in an easy to use format
  • Offered in a format that suits your needs – audio or visual
  • Ability to complete the course at your own pace, on your own time
  • Employment opportunities
  • Access to a growing industry


Private Investigator Training

Course Cost: $199.99

Course Duration: 50 hours

Security Guard Training & Private Investigator Training COMBO (includes First Aid)

Course Cost: $350.99 + tax

To pay via Credit Card or Paypal select the “Buy Now” button. There is a processing fee for Paypal and Credit Card! If you would like to pay via Interact email money transfers you can send the E-Transfer to of $225.99. Please note E-Transfers may take a few hours before they are received. With E-transfers, please also send us an email with your full name, email address, and home address at the same time you send payment.  NO REFUNDS ON OUR PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR COURSE – PI TRAINING! If you are paying using someone else’s credit card information, please notify us immediately after payment, so we do not issue the course to the incorrect person.