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Our online private investigation school is user-friendly and accessible 24/7, allowing students to complete the investigation training in their own time and at their own pace. The investigator training course is full of engaging information that will ensure your success. We have the most cutting-edge content and best practices that will prepare students with the knowledge required for real-life applications in the work-field. Our comprehensive course is presented in both audio and video format for every learning style. This course is Ministry-approved and includes timed modules. Not all courses on the market are Ministry-compliant, nor do they withstand government audits. You can trust ours does.

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Main Takeaways

  • 100% Success Rate: Our courses are offered online, 24/7, allowing students to successfully complete the modules at their own pace.
  • Industry Leaders: The learning material is written by industry leaders and provides a solid foundation for a promising career.
  • Real-Life Examples: Our PI training offers real-life examples to help students understand what it’s like to work in the industry.

Training Syllabus

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The training course consists of the following sections:

Private Investigator Online Training
Introduction to the Private Investigation Industry
The Private Security and Investigative Services Act
Provincial and Federal Statutes
Criminal and Civil Law
Investigative Techniques
Principles of Ethical Reasoning / Decision-making
Key Principles of Communication and Interaction
Self-Management Skills

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Private Investigator Training

Our 8 syllabus online format is informative, engaging, and available to students 24/7. You can become a private investigator in just 50 hours.


Course duration: 50 hours

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Security Guard Training & Private Investigator Training COMBO (includes First Aid)

Looking to maximize your skillset? Get the best of both worlds with our security guard training & private investigator training combo.

$350.99 + tax

Course duration: 90 hours

Notes: To pay via Credit Card or Paypal select the “Buy Now” button. There is a processing fee for Paypal and Credit Card! If you would like to pay via Interact email money transfers you can send the E-Transfer to Whitney@SmithInvestigationAgency.com of $225.99. Please note E-Transfers may take a few hours before they are received. With E-transfers, please also send us an email with your full name, email address, and home address at the same time you send payment. NO REFUNDS ON OUR PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR COURSE – PI TRAINING! If you are paying using someone else’s credit card information, please notify us immediately after payment, so we do not issue the course to the incorrect person.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are the Best! As a five-year Consumer's Choice Award winner for our services and training, we have received hundreds of 5-star reviews from our students. We are continually improving our course to ensure it is the best on the market, as well as fun and informative. We maintain an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and are the only company in Ontario with a 5-star guardcourse rating. The Smith Investigation Agency is a National and highly respected investigation company. There are other courses on the market, but not all courses are ministry-approved. Our course has timed modules to comply with Ministry standards. Many students desire to work with us upon completion of training.

We are an Award-Winning National Private Investigative Agency and the largest provider of the Online Private Investigator Training Course in Ontario. We have won the prestigious Consumers Choice Award five years in a row, and we continue to exceed the industry standards for training. We have a 99% success rate with students and have trained thousands of over the years and continue to provide the best Private Investigator Training School in Ontario. When we started the investigative training program years ago, it was because we needed more investigators. However, we quickly realized there was a shortage of suitable training providers in Ontario and did not want to see people not succeed just because there were no quality providers. So we worked with dozens of experts to create the best online training course available for individuals looking to become a Private Investigator. Our investigator training is informative, captivating, and precisely what you need to pass the Ministry exam. The Private Investigative industry is thrilling and financially rewarding, and we have yet to see someone who did not enjoy working in the industry once licensed. Obtaining a job is also easy right now as many investigators are transitioning into retirement and new investigators are needed. Currently, in Ontario, there are only 2,211 licensed private investigators (last updated Sep 1, 2018). With nearly 800 companies in Ontario, this leaves room for lots of new hires. To work as a Private Investigator in Ontario, you are required to take the 50-hour investigator training course with an accredited trainer. We are certified by the Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services’ (MCSCS) to provide the training in Ontario. If you want to verify a company as being a legitimate provider of the Private Investigator Course in Ontario, you can do so on the MCSCS website.

The Smith Investigation Agency is a Nationally known Private Investigative Firm that operates in Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia and Ontario. We work with Canada’s largest insurance companies as well as corporations and legal firms completing investigative services. We have offices throughout Canada. However, our training is currently in Ontario only, and we are located in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Scarborough, North York, Newmarket, Hamilton, Barrie, Ottawa, London and offer training online throughout the province. As our agency is as large as it is we are continually hiring for investigators and students who take our course are offered employment before we search elsewhere.

Cheapest is NOT the best. Hosting online investigator training and continued research to make sure your course is up to date, and informative is not cheap. So consider these options when purchasing training. If the course is the cheapest on the market, it is likely because it has the least information and a newer training provider. The Smith Investigation Agency is one of the first companies to begin offering training when it was first required. Our course has the most information available to private investigator students who want to become licensed private investigators. There are many versions of the Ministry exam, and not all companies have the information necessary to ensure you pass the course. Our course is filled with the material to help you succeed as well as keep your attention going the entire time. There are lots of companies who just became accredited in the last year or so that do not have the information of the proper courses to ensure you succeed. One way to tell if the course is not legitimate is to determine if each module is timed. If the Ministry were to audit us, we have to provide proof that you completed the training. If the training modules are not timed, you will have to retake and pay for the training again with a legitimate provider.

Complete the mandatory private investigator basic training 50-hour course, then we will issue you a completion number. Once you have the completion number you can schedule your exam with SERCO at a local Drive Test Centre and once you pass the exam you can apply for your license with the Ministry. You must be 18 years or older and have a clean criminal record. In our experience, private investigators can make a minimum of $50,000+ a year to start. The average private investigator who works full-time after completing our PI course or PI training with The Smith Investigation Agency makes approximately $4,000.00 + per month. The Smith Investigation Agency’s private investigator training course syllabus is based on the required MCSCS guidelines.

Where and how the private investigator training course is offered is up to the training facility. Most training facilities provide a combination of either online, in-class or a combination of both. The Smith Investigation Agency is one of these facilities. However, we find the most often picked course is the online investigator course as it can be completed at your own pace and is available to you 24/7 — no need to miss work and pay triple the price for the PI training.

As we mentioned, there are just over 2000 licensed investigators in the industry as of September 2018. This means the industry needs new hires. On average when we hire investigators, there is a minimum of a dozen to two dozen companies hiring for investigators throughout Ontario. Many private investigator training facilities claim to hire all their previous students, and this is just false and impossible. We for instance as the largest provider in Ontario having hundreds of students per year could simply not hire everyone. However, investigators in the areas we are searching for can apply like anyone else and obtain employment. Prime areas Private Investigators are hired in Ontario: Toronto, North York Brampton, Mississauga, GTA, Hamilton, Scarborough, Oakville, Niagara Falls, Kingston, Peterborough, Barrie, Ottawa, Cornwall, Sudbury, North Bay, Timmins, Muskoka, Huntsville, Thunder Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, Windsor, London, Kitchener, Guelph, Cambridge. One of the many benefits of working as a private investigator is that you have the option to find work anywhere. You can work throughout Ontario, just in your hometown, or even in another city.

Our private investigation school is entirely online and is accessible to the student 24/7, which allows students to complete the investigations training on their own time. The investigator training course is in audio and video format to suit any learning style. If you have any questions about the course, feel free to watch our video below, give us a call, or send us an email. Our team would be happy to speak with you about becoming a private investigator after completing our private investigator school! Once we receive the payment notification, your login information will be set up right away, and you can begin our award-winning private investigator course! We look forward to working with you! The Smith Investigation Agency also issues 25 AIR MILES® Reward Miles after completion of your investigator training. The Better Business Bureau accredits The Smith Investigation Agency. Start with Trust with The Smith Investigation Agency! Want to view our customer feedback? Visit our BBB link to view our excellent reviews.

Physical Private Investigator Training (Hands-On PI Training)

At The Smith Investigation Agency, we pride ourselves on having the best investigators in Ontario. We believe training should go beyond the classroom or online training. This is why we know continuous training is imperative. However, we suggest you only receive training from the company you wish to work for. There are investigative agencies that offer hands-on surveillance training, but these companies are not recognized and often leave new investigators with poor habits that are difficult to break. Once you are trained by your employer, the opportunities for a private investigator who obtains the necessary skills and abilities will be increased wages and trust with the freedom to travel throughout Ontario, Canada, and abroad.

For more information regarding training, please call an office near you. We have offices with private investigators in Southern Ontario, Eastern Ontario, Western Ontario, Northern Ontario and throughout Canada.

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